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Even though it is worn and torn, you never had the heart to cast your favorite shirt into the clothing graveyard. It hangs in your closet waiting to be reborn.

That's where we come in

Clothes-lovers ourselves, we at Towne Cleaners know what an important role your clothes play in your life. Clothes aren’t just clothes, they are trusted friends that help make memories. We understand that you have a special relationship with your wardrobe. When your favorite shirt or jacket becomes worn or torn, it saddens us to relegate them to a hanger in the dark end of the closet. Towne Cleaners can help to bring those old friends back to life. Allow us to mend and repair your trusted clothing.

No job is too big or too small, we have years of experience performing the following:

  • Shortening and lengthening pants
  • Hemming jackets, sleeves, dresses
  • Replacing broken zippers
  • Relining jackets
  • Mending holes and tears
  • Taking in/out waistline

How long will the repair take?

Towne Cleaners always aims to reunite you with your clothing as quickly as we can, without cutting any corners. Please bear in mind that some repairs are more time consuming than others.

For professional sewing and clothing repairs please give us a call

Don’t leave your old friends hanging. If you are in the Brooklin area and in need of a trust-worthy and reliable tailor, please give us a call. We are looking forward to meeting you!